Plan Calls for 7,000 Affordable Units in Seven Years in Eastern Ontario

Published by The Intelligencer – February 28, 2023

The Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) has proposed a $3.1 billion regional housing plan, “7 in 7,” to construct 7,000 new affordable rental units in seven years to address the housing crisis. Up to 14,000 people in 13 Eastern Ontario counties are on a wait list for social housing, including 3,200 in Hastings County. Up to 1,800 of the proposed units at a cost of $813 million are targeted for construction in Hastings, Lennox, Addington, and Prince Edward counties.

A pilot project is slated for fall 2023, with a business plan being developed by KWM. The plan aims to attract builders interested in public-private partnerships, with 21,000 additional rental units potentially built within the time period. The EOWC plans to contribute funds matched by federal and provincial governments and not-for-profit sector organizations to finance the $3.1 billion capital outlay needed to build 7,000 social housing units.

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