Regional Initiatives

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Eastern Ontario Leadership Council (EOLC): Regional Economic Development

Formally launched in 2015, the Eastern Ontario Leadership Council (EOLC) brings together five regionally-minded organizations to address shared issues that influence the economic success and prosperity of eastern Ontario.
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Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN): Digital Connectivity

Created by the EOWC in 2010, the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) helps to create innovative public-private partnerships to address the digital divide and support a stronger future for rural eastern Ontario communities.

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Regional Housing Plan: the ‘7 in 7+’

The EOWC’s ‘7 in 7+’ regional housing plan proposes to build at least 7,000 community rental units over seven years across the region to address the wait lists. Using a mixed-model approach, the regional housing plan has the added benefit of including an additional 21,000 market rate units, totaling 28,000 housing units.

Bird's eye view of red roof houses in a village between agricultural fields.

Rural Housing Information System (RHIS)

The EOWC, in partnership with the Rural Ontario Institute, are founders of the Rural Housing Information System (RHIS), an innovative, centralized data tool to fill the housing information gap and ease the barrier to the planning and construction of affordable housing in the region.

Environmental Leadership Canada

Municipal Climate Internship

The Municipal Climate Internship (MCI) provides young environmental leaders, age 18-30, with the opportunity to work and learn alongside municipalities that are invested in advancing local climate change solutions. This year, Environment Leadership Canada has partnered with the EOWC member municipalities to host three interns.
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Past Projects

The EOWC researched and developed a series of five White Papers to explore further prospects for financial sustainability through to 2020. These White Papers would also serve to inform the EOWC’s partners in the municipal, provincial and federal sectors about the financial sustainability of local governments across rural eastern Ontario.