Infrastructure: The Foundation for Local Prosperity

The EOWC’s 103 municipalities manage more than $12 billion in physical assets. We understand that without roads, bridges and pipes in the ground, houses cannot be built and businesses cannot expand. Local prosperity depends on adequate infrastructure. This includes physical systems and facilities that support communities, maintain services, and foster expansion and growth.

Existing municipal revenue streams are not enough to achieve the funding required to maintain and grow our current infrastructure. Despite our ongoing efforts, the gap continues to widen. This is further exacerbated in rural and Eastern Ontario, where investments have fallen short.

The EOWC is committed to advocating for vital infrastructure assets, policy and financial supports. We will partner with both the federal and provincial governments and appropriate allies to:

  1. Advocate for continued and necessary investment in provincially and federally-owned and controlled infrastructure.
  2. Create flexible and adaptive policies to enable our municipalities and the Ontario Government to unlock capacity and build innovative infrastructure solutions.
  3. Invest in municipal infrastructure that provides predictable, fair, evidence-based funding to allow municipalities to plan and create economic environments that foster growth.
  4. Invest in infrastructure that supports an environmentally sustainable economy.

The infrastructure gap is growing and requires urgent attention. Solutions can only be achieved if there are meaningful partnerships with all orders of government. The viability of our communities depends on it. We will mobilize strategies to preserve and grow infrastructure to support our economy and livability.  

Infrastructure Policy Paper
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Municipal Infrastructure Policy Paper

Infrastructure is the first priority in the EOWC’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan. The Municipal Infrastructure Policy Paper will shape our advocacy efforts and support us in building a better Eastern Ontario.

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Main points - Key Takeaways The EOWC’s 2024 Infrastructure Policy Paper