Housing: The Backbone of Thriving and Supportive Communities

Canada is facing a national housing crisis. Eastern Ontario is no exception. We urgently need all types of housing to maintain our existing quality of life and foster future growth.   

The EOWC is committed to meeting our obligations as Housing Service Managers. We recognize that adequate housing is a key economic driver for municipalities and Eastern Ontario. We promote policies and initiatives that ensure everyone has access to safe, stable and affordable housing options.  

The EOWC will work with the Ontario and Federal Governments to partner and implement rural-based support, programs and funding to bring housing and related infrastructure projects to fruition in small urban and rural settings. Many rural municipalities in Eastern Ontario are growing, and growing fast. The need for housing is escalating and urgent.  

Starting with research, we will undertake an Eastern Ontario Regional Growth Study to benchmark demographic data that examines the housing needs across the continuum. This will provide the EOWC with the evidence needed to respond proactively to regional housing gaps, positioning Eastern Ontario for growth while serving our vulnerable populations. It will also support the creation of evidence-based policies, programs, and plans for advocacy and development.  

The EOWC commits to partner with both the Federal and Ontario Governments and other housing providers and champions to: 

  1. Continue to advocate for alternative funding to assist Eastern Ontario municipalities to plan and develop housing and related infrastructure.
  2. Make programming more equitable by advocating for the expansion of the parameters for funding eligibility and allocation across all municipalities.
  3. Develop and recommend flexible and adaptive housing policies to enable Eastern Ontario municipalities and the Ontario Government to build innovative housing solutions.

Additionally, we will promote shovel-ready housing initiatives and infrastructure projects across Eastern Ontario’s municipalities. We will also examine the development of a rural housing regional repository that shares expertise, best practices, successful projects, tools and resources across our 103 municipalities. This will support our members to build the local conditions and capacity to respond to housing needs strategically and efficiently.  

Additional Priorities

    2024-2027 Strategic Plan

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