Improved Cell Phone Service Introduced for Parts of North Glengarry and Alfred and Plantagenet

Published by The Review – November 12, 2022

The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) has announced that Rogers 5G services are now available in certain parts of North Glengarry, Alfred, and Plantagenet. The EORN Cell Gap project, a $300 million public-private partnership, includes Rogers communications and has received funding from the Ontario and federal governments, the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus, and the Eastern Ontario Mayors Caucus.

The project includes the construction of four new cell towers in North Glengarry and Alfred and Plantagenet, as well as upgrades to an additional 300 towers by 2025. The project is expected to contribute to lower rates for cellular phone customers, with federal efforts to increase consumer selection being the key factor in lowering costs.

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Rogers Wireless Senior Vice President and General Manager Bart Nickerson at the EORN announcement in Maxville on November 7. Photo: James Morgan