Eastern Ontario Regional Network Closing Last Cell Gaps in Hh

Published by My Bancroft Now – February 24, 2023

Hastings Highlands Mayor says there’s work to do in eliminating cell phone gaps in his municipality – but it’s getting there. 

Tony Fitzgerald says the work of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network is continuing and by 2025 there should be eight towers in the municipality to provide strong cell phone and Internet service almost everywhere. He says it’s a necessity these days.

“You ask any real estate and they’ll tell you if they have a property with no cell coverage of Internet, it’s almost impossible to sell,” he says. “It’s that important now.”

The cell gap project, a $300 million venture led by the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus, is aiming to have a 5G network everywhere, to the benefit of people who work form home, students and even paramedics. 

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A sign greets visitors to the village of Maynooth, in Hastings Highlands. Photo by Stephen Petrick, Moose FM.