Long-term Care

Municipal governments are key partners in the delivery of long-term care, which was highlighted continuously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The EOWC was an initial advocate for the four hours of care model that the Province is in the process of implementing and continues to provide evidence-based feedback to inform the government’s decisions around long-term care and related supports.

Throughout the year ahead, the EOWC is advocating for a long-term care human resources strategy to address staffing shortages across the region that works for rural homes and their labour market. As part of the human resources advocacy, the EOWC is continuing to call on the Provincial Government to eliminate staffing agencies that pose an unnecessary and unsustainable resource and cost burden on municipalities.

Additionally, the EOWC is advocating that the Provincial Government review and modernize the long-term care funding framework. The EOWC is ready to continue to provide sound input on behalf of member municipalities and work with government and stakeholders.