Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus Releases Refresh of Paramedic Services Regional Report

Published by the County of Renfrew – June 15, 2023

The Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) has released a Partial Refresh of its 2019 Paramedic Services Situation Overview Report, highlighting the growing pressure on paramedic services in the region. The report includes updated data for the EOWC and 13 member municipalities, and includes recommendations for improving paramedic services, community paramedicine, and overall community healthcare.

The report includes an updated environmental scan, new five-year predictive forecasts, and recommendations for fixing hospital offload delays, committing to permanent funding for community paramedicine programs, modernizing the dispatch system, and increasing community college paramedic enrolment. The EOWC acknowledges the contributions of Paramedic Services Chiefs, Chief Administrative Officers, and municipal staff.

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Paramedics loading patient into ambulance