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The region’s voice for 103 rural municipalities.

The EOWC’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

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Working on behalf of 800,000 residents across rural eastern Ontario.

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Strategic Priorities

Our 2024-2027 Strategic Plan outlines our vision, mission, values, and new priorities, providing a guiding framework for planning and decision-making for the next three years. The EOWC selects continued advocacy items that the caucus supports as needed, based on past priorities and the current political environment.

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Regional Initiatives

The advocacy work of the EOWC has been executed through position papers, financial analyses, as well as mapping, forecasts, meetings, presentations, and service on boards and committees.


Browse our library of resources to better understand the issues and opportunities eastern Ontario faces and how the EOWC works to improve the lives of it’s citizens and business entities.

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About the EOWC

Since its inception, the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) has worked to support and advocate on behalf of the residents across rural eastern Ontario. The EOWC covers an area of approximately 50,000 square kilometres from Northumberland County to the Québec border, and includes 13 upper-tier and single-tier municipalities as well as 90 local municipalities.